«TestGene» is ready for cooperation

What we offer

"TestGene" has a large scope of competencies in molecular genetic development for laboratory diagnostics, offers cooperation to commercial companies and research organizations to implement projects of any complexity.

We are focused on joint projects in research and development. We believe that the experience exchange, constant interaction with our partners contribute to developing and improving efficiency and allow us to bring to life the most daring ideas and create fundamentally new products.

Working at the nexus of medicine, biology, chemistry and bioinformatics, we strive for a deep comprehensive understanding of issues in the field of laboratory diagnostics. Due to our extensive experience in developing new products and their implementation, we have a high level of competence and expertise, which allows us to solve complex problems in a short time.


Our competencies:

  • Development and validation of test kits for mutation detection
  • Interpretation of the results of NGS studies
  • Genotyping of patient samples (SNP analysis)
  • Detection of mutations
  • Determination of the degree of heteroplasmy
  • Measurement of gene expression
  • Detection of translocations, deletions, insertions and duplications
  • DNA and RNA sequencing services
  • Determination of the status of promoter methylation regions