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NGS services

Next generation sequencing (NGS) allows you to read the entire genome sequence or certain sections of it.

NGS- tests are essential for:

  • diagnosis of hereditary pathologies, especially in cases of hard-to-diagnose and heterogeneous diseases to confirm the diagnosis;
  • clarification of genetic risks;
  • detection of latent mutations when planning a pregnancy (to clarify the risk of having a diseased child), etc.

Personalized Services

We develop and manufacture testing kits for scientific research, molecular genetic research in the field of monogenic and multifactorial hereditary diseases, oncology, diagnostics of infectious diseases and prenatal diagnostics.

Major technologies:

  • PCR (Real-time PCR, GLAD-PCR)
  • NGS (new generation sequencing)

Contract Manufacturing Capabilities

We offer contract manufacturing services for PCR kits and rapid tests according to the technical specifications of customers, including in industrial volumes. The company's quality management system is certified according to the international standard ISO 13485:2016 "Production of medical devices" and ensures full compliance with the technological cycle.

Total production capacity exceeding is 20 000 000 tests per month.



XplainBio is a cloud-based high-tech platform for interpreting the results of the NGS analysis.

More than 25,000 samples have been processed using the platform.