Extraction of DNA/RNA from 96 clinical samples in 40 minutes

The TestGene company has developed a product that is capable to simultaneously isolating nucleic acids from 96 samples within 40 minutes simultaneously. This does not require special, expensive equipment, such as a station for the extraction of NA.

The kit is designed for extraction of RNA from sputum, oropharyngual and nasopharyngual swabs and urine cell sediment, DNA extraction from venous blood, venous blood plasma, vaginal smears, scrapings from the cervical canal and urethra, prostate secretion. The study is carried out by a method based on the reversible binding of nucleic acids to the surface of magnetic particles. All this is necessary for carrying out analyzes by reverse transcription (RNA), polymerase chain reaction (DNA).

Denis Viktorov, Candidate of Biological Sciences and Director of Science at TestGene, believes that this technical solution will help to reduce the level of manual labor of laboratory assistants: “Not all clinical laboratories in Russia are equipped with high-performance automatic stations for sample preparation. However, many of them face the challenge of performing mass analyzes of a hundred or more samples per day. To minimize the manual labor of laboratory assistants, without having to purchase expensive sample preparation stations, this technical solution was developed. With it, laboratory assistants will be able to prepare 96 samples simultaneously in just 40 minutes”

At the moment, the product is at the stage of obtaining a registration certificate.
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