New test system with an accuracy of up to 95% for diagnostics of cancer in men has been registered

The TestGene company has improved the previously developed test system for diagnostics of prostate cancer, one of the most common oncological diseases in men. The new kit for PCR diagnostics "Prosta-test 2.0" has no analogues on the Russian market and has high sensitivity and specificity. The kit detects mRNA of the chimeric TMPRSS2-ERG gene and the expression level of the PCA3 gene.

The PCA3 and TMPRSS2-ERG molecular markers are recognized as the most significant for diagnostics of prostate cancer, and the test of their expression significantly increases the prognostic value of laboratory diagnostics in comparison with determination of PSA and its fractions (PHI) and the combination of the tumor markers can increase the diagnostic potential of both.

The test system "Prosta-Test 2.0" is used in diagnostics of prostate cancer. The data obtained during the test are important when prescribing an appropriate primary or repeated biopsy of the prostate. The use of urine as biomaterial makes the analysis non-invasive.

Denis Viktorov, Candidate of Biological Sciences, Director of Science, comments the development of the test system and its significance for patients and laboratories: "We improved the test system we developed earlier for diagnostics of prostate cancer using the PCA3 marker by adding one more marker - the TMPRSS2-ERG chimeric gene. This made it possible to raise the specificity of the analysis to 95%. We also transferred the test system to a multiplex format, which greatly simplified the procedure for carrying out the test and reduced the consumption of laboratory materials."

Advantages of the test system:

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