Test for self-diagnostics of COVID-19 has been registered

TestGene has registered the rapid test for self-diagnostics of the new coronavirus infection "SARS-CoV-2 antigen home test".

The respiratory viral infection COVID-19 remains dangerous, especially for people with chronic diseases and the elderly. Although disease with the new strains of Omicron has a milder course and is closer to the classic SARS, these strains can still become a source of serious complications. The dominant version of the virus is characterized by a short incubation period and high infectiousness. Therefore, it is important to rule out or confirm COVID-19 quickly if a patient has symptoms of a viral infection.

TestGene is bringing the "SARS-CoV-2 antigen home test" for home testing to market. The rapid test is a quick alternative to PCR diagnostics and no special equipment or visit to a medical facility is required. The test effectively detects the disease even in the early stages and the result can be obtained in a few minutes. Soon the tests will go on sale and will be available both in pharmacies and on marketplaces.

TestGene’s rapid tests for detection of COVID-19 have successfully proven themselves in еру clinical practice of medical organizations and the corporate segment. They are distinguished by high quality, ease of use, as well as a wide range of storage temperatures (-30…+30 °С).

Despite the variability of the virus, TestGene’s rapid tests detect all strains of the virus, since the N-protein is used as the main antigen the mutations in which do not affect the binding area of the antibodies used in the test.

"SARS-CoV-2 antigen home test" has expanded TestGene's wide product range for PCR, LAMP and LFT diagnostics of the new coronavirus infection.
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