TestGene has registered rapid tests for detection of Covid-19

TestGene’s rapid tests for detection of Covid-19 are already well proven in the market. The "GT Antigen Covid-19" kit is produced in four different options that make it possible to solve any problem in a medical institution, including screening tests and use in the doctor's office and at the patient's bedside.

The test system has high sensitivity, which makes it possible to detect the virus in the early stages of the disease within 10-15 minutes. Nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal swabs are used as samples. Possibility of storage in a wide range of temperature from -30 to +30 °C and the shelf life up to 20 months make the "GT Antigen Covid-19" test one of the best solutions on the market of rapid diagnostics.

Rapid tests have become an important part of clinical practice. They significantly save time for diagnostics and make it possible to start treatment earlier. This prevents spread of the disease, which is especially important during the seasonal increase in the incidence.
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