Test system for simultaneous detection of causative agents of tuberculosis and mycobacteriosis has been registered

The scientists of the TestGene company have developed the kit "MTB-test" for qualitative detection of DNA of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex and nontuberculous mycobacteria with their differentiation. The analysis is carried out by real-time multiplex PCR using a DNA sample.

"The uniqueness of the test system developed by us lies in the fact that it simultaneously can detect both tuberculosis pathogens and non-tuberculous mycobacteria that cause mycobacteriosis. Mycobacterioses are similar in clinical picture to tuberculosis, but require the attention of other specialists. Detection of non-tuberculous mycobacteria is especially important for patients with cystic fibrosis, patients with immunodeficiencies, as well as when examining patients with post-vaccination complications, including bone lesions, and in a number of other cases," says Denis Viktorov, one of the developers, Director of Science at TestGene, Candidate of Biological Sciences.

The test system "MTB-test" can significantly reduce time required to detect the M. tuberculosis complex from 1-3 months to 90-110 minutes in comparison with traditional culture methods. In addition, use of the new kit is important for detection of patients with active tuberculosis and monitoring the effectiveness of thee therapy.

The kit "MTB-test" makes it possible to use of a wide range of materials in addition to sputum for the test, which significantly reduces the risk of false negative results in extrapulmonary types of tuberculosis.

Tuberculosis is a widespread infectious disease and is one of the most common causes of death from infectious diseases in adults. Due to the highest sensitivity, the PCR analysis can detect mycobacteria in the human body long before the onset of clinical symptoms.


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