A test system for the detection of human herpes virus type 6 has been registered

The TestGene company has registered the kit "HHV6-Test" for qualitative and quantitative detection of DNA of human herpes virus type 6 by real-time PCR.

The kit "HHV6-Test" is intended for early diagnostics of the herpes infection, regardless of its form and stage. The high-precision test system makes it possible to use a wide range of biomaterials for the analysis and obtain the result in just 1 hour. The presence of uracil-DNA-glycosylase to reduce the risk of contamination, compatibility with all open-source cyclers, the ability to store all the kit components at the same temperature make the kit "HHV6-Test" one of the most successful solutions on the market for PCR diagnostics of herpes infections.

HHV-6 is considered the cause of many serious diseases more and more often, it can significantly aggravate the course of other viral and bacterial infections. Infectious mononucleosis, sudden exanthema, serous meningitis, encephalitis and some cancers, such as cervical carcinoma, are associated with human herpes virus type 6.

Active HHV-6 can promote the transition of the HIV infection to AIDS, so regular monitoring of the HHV-6 activity in HIV-positive patients is important to start the antiviral therapy timely. In addition, HHV-6 can lead to complications and organ rejection after transplantation.

The symptoms of HHV-6 are similar to symptoms of other diseases, in particular other herpes virus infections. Therefore, it is important to quickly differentiate the causative agents of the disease, for example, in cases of mononucleosis, encephalitis, childhood infections with high fever and rash. HHV-6 is treatable when timely diagnosed,.

According to one of the developers of the TestGene company, Ruzalia Huzina, the "HHV6-Test" kit for PCR tests makes it possible not only to quickly detect the virus but also to evaluate the viral load and monitor the effectiveness of the treatment.

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