Kit for quantitative detection of HIV-1 has been registered

The TestGene’s range of products for diagnostics of infectious diseases has been replenished with the kit for quantitative detection of HIV-1.

"HIV-1-TEST-Q" makes it possible to detect the viral load as accurately as possible. The analytical sensitivity of the kit is 20 copies / ml of blood plasma. The analysis is carried out by RT-PCR-RT in an RNA sample.

The use of the "HIV-1-TEST-Q" kit is recommended during dispensary registration and during treatment. Detection of the viral load helps to monitor the dynamics of the disease as quickly as possible and predict and control the effectiveness of the therapy.

The tests for detection o the viral load are done repeatedly. The first analysis of the viral load is usually carried out 4-8 weeks after the start of treatment. The effectiveness of the selected treatment regimen is evaluated and adjusted if necessary. The absence of a decrease in viral load to 400 and 50 copies / ml may indicate, respectively, an insufficient response of the body to the medications used. A recurrence of viral load 1-2 months after a negative quantitative test for detection of HIV-1 may indicate drug resistance of the virus.

"HIV-1-TEST-Q" is another TestGene’s product in the range of kits for diagnostics of the HIV infection and hepatitis. The kit "HIV-TEST", for qualitative detection of HIV-1 and HIV-2, as well as the kits for qualitative and quantitative detection of hepatitis B, C and D, which have been registered this year, are increasingly used by specialists in laboratory diagnostics in Russia.
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