Lateral flow test (LFT)


Express testing by the LFT method is actively used in medical practice around the world. The pandemic has shown the high availability and effectiveness of the method for screening studies, including in the real life conditions. The use of express tests made it possible to reduce the rate of spread of a new coronavirus infection and quickly organize the isolation of patients with a positive test result.

High sensitivity and specificity, fast and reliable results without the use of specialized equipment and the possibility of conducting research on the spot make LFT testing one of the most popular methods.

Rapid tests have a wide scope and are used to diagnose diseases and life-threatening conditions. They are used at the patient’s bedside, in the emergency departments of hospitals, in outpatient practice, as part of medical examinations. Rapid testing allows you to reduce the number of labor-intensive laboratory tests, quickly and efficiently exclude or confirm the presence of a disease, and take the necessary measures in time, which is especially important for asymptomatic diseases.

The TestGene also produces rapid tests for self-diagnosis and in vitro diagnostics. A kit for the simultaneous detection of SARS CoV 2 and flu A and B viruses is in particular demand.

The TestGene company is gradually expanding the line of LFT kits. Our own high-tech production line guarantees product quality and ensures uninterrupted supply.

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