Next generation sequencing (NGS)

The most informative method of molecular genetic diagnostic testing is next generation sequencing (NGS). The NGS is based on massive parallel sequencing of thousands of DNA fragments based on prepared single-stranded libraries.

Advantages of NGS:

NGS makes it possible to sequence an entire genome, exome, or a targeted panel of genes that are specific to a particular disease.

NGS studies are actively used in clinical oncology. The results of the tests have an important role in the selecting the treatment tactics for each patient. Determining the hereditary nature of cancer diseases is important both for prescribing adequate therapy if the disease has already been identified, and for assessing the risk of the disease in healthy people.

“TestGen” is constantly improving its competencies in this area. The QUASAR-BRCA1/2 NGS testing kit for determining the status of mutations in the BRCA1 and BRCA2 genes has become our bestseller. Our company is developing several kits for use in the clinical diagnosis of oncological diseases, as well as for conducting selective screening to identify risk groups.

The high complexity of the laboratory stage and the need for subsequent bioinformatic processing of sequencing data hinder the widespread use of NGS-based test systems. “TestGene” testing kits solve two problems:

The use of completely locally made components in the production of NGS analysis kits allows for the rapid production and delivery of test systems, which is consistent with one of the main tasks of the healthcare system in the current realities of import substitution.

The active implementation of NGS into the clinical practice opens up great opportunities for personalized health care.

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